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Style Icons

Every day my style changes in some way.  One day I might hate something but the next I’ll fall in love with it.  For example, a few months ago I was disgusted by Birkenstocks but recently I grew to like them. So, my style icons change frequently, I’ll dislike some after awhile or I’ll learn to love some new ones.  Here are my current favorites: 

1.  Hailey Baldwin: (pictured on the right)  I find Hailey’s style to be relaxed, simple, and somewhat edgy.  I love how she can pull off ankle booties and plaid in the summer but still find a way to style denim shorts with it.  

2.  Behati Prinsloo: This Victoria Secret model is one of my top favorite style inspirations. Her style is so casual and simple but still eye catching.

3.  Kendall Jenner:  I have to say, Kendall Jenner is my TOP style icon.  She always has been and probably always will be.  I adore how she can pull off anything.  One day she’s a total beach babe then the next day she’s a chic high fashion model rocking leather Balenciaga leggings.    

4.  Rosie Huntington-Whitely:  As you can probably tell by now, I’m attracted to the model off duty look.  I find Rosie’s style to be very sophisticated but in a non-boring way.  I think she’s the idea of the “off duty” look. 

I hope you all enjoyed learning about some of my style icons!


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Flash Tattoos

My latest summer obsession has been Flash Tattoos.  These tattoos are metallic looking temporary tattoos that look like jewelry.  How more fun can that get?!  I love wearing these to the beach, pool, or it would be fun to wear to festivals. I’m looking forward to getting tan lines with them. I’ve had two packs of these tattoos so far, and they are SO easy to apply.  

They are available for purchase HERE


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L.A. Story

A few months ago around Spring break, my dad and I took a trip to my ALL TIME favorite city, Los Angeles.  Anyone who knows me knows that I am in love with the city.  I love the atmosphere, shopping, food, and beaches! Basically I like everything about LA.   

My father and I stayed at the London Hotel in West Hollywood.  This was our view!  The hotel was really really nice and the staff there is so polite.  We had the chance to rent a car from the hotel so it was easy to roam around the city.  

Like I said, LA has great shopping!  My favorite spots include:  Third Street Promenade, Melrose boutiques, Ron Herman, and Beverly Hills.  On the trip I didn’t buy much as I expected to.  I bought: 

-J Brand black photo ready skinny jeans

-bunch of tops from Brandy Melville

-Brian Lichtenberg “Homies” tee

-BOY LONDON zip up hoodie

My favorite place to eat dinner in LA is Madeo.  It has the best food.  I know my dish looks weird, but it was delicious.  It’s panned chicken!  I also had the napoleon for desert, which tasted like heaven. 

(I apologize for the weird picture of me! It was the only photo I had of an outfit i wore…and my dad is a horrible photographer…)

sweater: Brandy Melville

shirt: Brandy Melville

Pants: Brandy Melville

shoes: TOMS wedge booties 

This delicious dish is just plain sponge pasta with olive oil from Il Pastio in Beverly Hills.  I’m a rather picky eater but I loved this.  I’ve never had sponge pasta before and it is just so fun!   

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First Post

I was born in the south so people must think that I dress preppy and wear Vineyard Vines, Lilly Pulitzer, J Crew, etc.  Well, I don’t, I consider myself as a fish out of water down here.  Not everyone dresses the same but a majority of southerners like to dress preppy.  I like to say that my fashion sense is west coast inspired with some east coast mixed in it.  I love to wear the brands J Brand, Rag and Bone, Chloe, Brandy Melville, and much more.  To learn more about me and my own fashion sense..don’t hesitate to follow.  PLENTY more posts are on the way.  


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